PR Ecoenergy has the distinction of being the world’s first company to sell heat as a product generated from Agrowaste on FBC technology for Therminol 66 with a temperature variation of +/- 1°C.

PR Biomass Exploration (PR BIO-X) division offers its services for Built, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT), Operation and Maintenance with fuel supply and Common Central Facilities in Industrial Estates for Thermic fluid heaters or Thermopacks. Revenue is generated by charging customers for Heat Supplied through pipelines at pre-decided rates on per lakh Kilo Calories.

In Thermic fluid heaters or Thermopacks, the heat is generated from burning of fuel (Agrowaste or Biomass). Upon combustion; the heat or energy is transferred to circulating Thermic Fluids like Therminol 66, Therminol 55 etc. in radiative and convective heat exchangers. Billing is done on the quantum of heat supplied, measured by SCADA system.

The company has installed its first plant in Rajashree Polyfils of M/s Century Enka limited (A BK Birla group company). Heat produced by Biomass fired thermic fluid heaters is sold as a cheaper and pollution free substitute to non-renewable sources for Tyre, polyester, textile, polymer and other process industries.



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